TA-30 reverb problem

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Re: TA-30 reverb problem

Post by stir66 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:29 pm

Played two more TA-30s this week. The first one cooked itself. After we turned it on we couldn't get any volume out of it. A check of the amp and replacement of the cables didn't help. A few minutes later, lots of smoke came pouring out of the head. Maybe we just had two faulty speaker cables and the head never had a proper load. Probably not the amp's fault, but who knows. A couple of days later I track down another TA-30 head. The sales guy is playing it and I'm adjusting the controls. But I noticed there wasn't any headroom. The amp sounded weak. We had both volumes up all the way. Anyway, I flip on the reverb and BAM, there is all of the volume. I go scrambling for the volume knobs. Turn off the reverb, less volume. Turn on the reverb, tons of volume and tons of that classic TA-30 buzzy, hissy reverb noise.

So that's it. I'm out. I wanted the TA-30 badly too. That thing looks great. I'm in love with that top boost sound. Love the versatility and portability. I was even willing to drop over $2500 for the head, two TA 1x12 cabinets and the tax; even in this economy. But after playing 8 different units they all seem too unreliable. For that kind of cash I should be able to hammer nails with the thing and it still work flawlessly.

So today I played through a new PRS 2 channel 50 watt. Excellent reverb. Dead quiet. Cheaper than the TA-30 too. Good luck to the rest of you. I hope you have better luck with this lunch box than I had.

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Re: TA-30 reverb problem

Post by MBJunkie » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:29 pm


I am very sorry to hear of your problems. I will say that I haven't experienced any problems with my TA-30 112 combo amp whatsoever. Additionally, I don't consider the "noise issue" that several complain about to be a problem for my needs with this amp. Honestly, I feel the noise levels of this amp are quite low compared to the vintage amps that Mesa is mimicing in this series, but that is just my opinion.

I agree, the "Top Boost" mode offered in the TA amp is second to none for that vintage Vox sound in a modern production amp. I also love the vintage sounds offered in the other modes of both channels of my TA30 amp (Especially....the Normal, Top Boost, Tweed and H1 Modes), but there again, I haven't experienced the issues you are describing at all.

I do hope that the amp that you recently purchased works well for your needs! :mrgreen:

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Re: TA-30 reverb problem

Post by monster265 » Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:45 am

TA30 Head Mods applied.

Discovered that there is a TA-30 mod for one of the voltage rails, where an electrolytic capacitor is added. While in the shop for the voltage rail mod, the Reverb mod was added. This mod rotates the Power Transformer to reduce magnetic flux interference with the Reverb tank signal. After the Reverb mod. the Reverb setting can now be adjusted beyond 2 o'clock, reverb remains clean, never achieved before the mod. An adapter offset bracket is required to permit the Power transformer to be rotated and still utilize the existing chassis mounting screw holes.

I have not seen the technical sheet for these mods, this information obtained through conversation with my AMP Tech, or if they only apply to a TA-30 Head.

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Re: TA-30 reverb problem

Post by PinkFloydToneQuest » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:56 pm

Was experiencing a huge amount of hum in the higher wattage settings on Channel 1 (TA-30 head). After 2 weeks in the shop, just had the factory-authorized capacitor mod for the Reverb problem done, and it definitely runs quieter (though still a slight hum). The tech advised that doing the other (transformer) mod would require much time in the shop given he would have to wait for Mesa to send the parts.

I am happy that Mesa is standing behind their product with warranty work and mods.

A little disappointed that for an $1800 (Cdn) amp, these design flaws weren't worked out at the R&D stage. I do, however, get that it is a complex amp given all its functionality, and I do like its tones and flexibility.

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Re: TA-30 reverb problem

Post by KH Guitar Freak » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:15 am

Wow. Never knew that hissing really bother a lot of people. I need to check mine out again because I've never noticed such a noise problem before :shock:

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