Pedals that sound like Dyne

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Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by bigbaron » Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:16 am

No, I'm not after one, but on my pedal board I have a BB Preamp, which I really like for classic rock. I normally keep the dyney in Clean and use pedals, but I then compared the Dyne Lo setting the the BB Preamp and the are very similar, such that I dont really need to use that pedal, just the foot switch. I'm in a cover band so I really need to get different tones.

I also have a Wampler Soverign, and thats really a different, far heavier tone (I use if for our heavier songs).

So what pedals do people use that are worth looking at that offer a different tone on the Dyne, than what it can do naturally. I know the Dyne can do lots of sounds, tweaking the gain etc, but I dont want to do that between songs.

I was thinking a Wampler Triple Wreck, for metal. BD2 or Klone copy for Light Blues?

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Re: Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by screamingdaisy » Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:46 am

Metal = Vintage High, guitar volume on 10. Stack on a boost if neccissary (Tube Screamer/Mesa Grid Slammer).

Blues = Vintage low or high, guitar volume backed off until it's clean when I play light and dirty when I dig in. I might also roll off the tone to round off the high end a bit or switch to single coils.

I use the Grid Slammer on all three channels for everything from leads to alternate rhythm and even clean tones.

The big eye opener for me was watching a Soundgarden concert. Kim Thayil had one drive pedal, one clean boost (that he doesn't turn off), and never changed channels on his amps. The guy achieved more diversity of sound by switching guitars, using their controls and injecting a bit of modulation here and there than most bands with a ton of pedals or complicated switching systems achieve.
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Re: Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by wekiitoedzo » Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:43 pm

I think all distortion pedals sux. The wampler sovereign is interesting, i had one when searching for solo boost but thats a heavy thing worked really well for the new kind of polished american sound like creed, nickleback or sg. I got rid of it. I tried almost every sh!t. what i kept: tbiac, freekish alpha drive, ibanez mt10, xotic rc, but they mostly are on the shelf. The dyne knows all imo but that sovereign pedal must be a keeper for that new metal sound!
I use a fuzz sometimes and thats it the dyne knows all. For boost i use the sp comp, that really does not color the sound.
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Re: Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by jnoel64 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:00 pm

I also use the BB pedal. I keep the gain at about 9 o'clock, volume and treble at noon, and the bass around 2 o'clock. In the clean mode, I get a great blues tone. I rarely ever use vintage hi, but in vintage lo, I keep my amp gain around 1 o'clock and when I step on the BB, I go right into 80's hair metal tone.
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Re: Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by wekiitoedzo » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:24 pm

Yeah the bb preamp! That one i traded for the freekish and an arion ews mod chorus. Then I traded the arion, kept the freekish but i think i'll get a bb pre somehow. And if it comes, it will be a keeper. It should be. All distorsion pedals can do cool sound but in the end i realize the dyne is better off without any of them. Other effects can be useful though. But players are different so are sounds. Main thing is the coolest amp: Electra Dyne. Yeah
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Re: Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by primal » Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:09 pm

Not a pedal, but I recently picked up a Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini, and if there was ever an amp that reminded me of the Electra Dyne this is it.

Big bottom end , on a freaking 20 watt amp. Unheard of.

Very organic distortion. Not compressed at all.

The gain structure might be a touch different. But close.

Obviously can't crack concrete like the dyne can. Not sure I have ever heard a louder amp then the Electra Dyne. I swear it seemed louder then my Road King 2x12 combo in 120 watt mode..

But a very similar amp nonetheless

Man I miss my Dyne. I will get one again someday.
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Re: Pedals that sound like Dyne

Post by elvis » Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:53 pm

I dialed my BB Pre for a light gain boost to use to goose the lead channel for solos, much like Andy Timmons. Later, I switched back and forth between clean + BB Pre and LO and found that they sounded surprisingly similar. Still, I wouldn't replace the Dyne. The BB has nothing close to the Dyne's dynamics. It's a great pedal, though.
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