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Re: New Electra Dyne Owner - Video

Post by primal » Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:14 pm

SgtThump wrote: And about the noise in the Electra Dyne... I know that when you turn up the gain the hiss gets louder. That goes for any amp and I understand that. I'm not only talking about that, but there's a "hum" that gets real noticeable when in the Vintage Hi mode and the "Volume" control goes past 2:00 o'clock or so.

Put it this way, I've had ALOT of high gain amps and most of them don't have this type of noise. I get the impression that nothing is wrong, though. I just think they may all be like this. It's not BAD, but it is there. I was wondering if anyone else heard that in their Electra Dyne?

Let me ask you this, do you get the "hum" with the volume on your guitar turned down? This will atleast identify to some degree whether it is the amp or not.

Also, are you hearing this at bedroom volumes? At bedroom volume I can peg the volume and hear nothing. No white noise, no hum, nothing.

I just went ahead and pegged the volume knob on mine. And put the the Master all the way up to noon. With the volume knob on the guitar off I can hear the hushing white noise that I would expect, but no hum whatsoever. Now, with the wife and daughter home I don't dare turn the guitar volume up at that volume even if I don't play anything. But I put the Master to 9:00 and did turn the the guitar volume up, but I didn't hear any hum other then what I would expect from the pickups. And that hum was directly related to what direction I happened to be facing. If I turned away from the amp and walked away the hum mostly went away. And I could sit there with my hand on the strings and there was no feedback.

I have had hum issues before with my Mark IV and found that to be unbalanced power tubes that had started to go. But the fact that it seems directly related to the preamp gain indicates it's probably not that.
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Re: New Electra Dyne Owner - Video

Post by SgtThump » Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:38 pm

Thanks Primal. I should've explained more... I've narrowed it down enough to realize it's not the guitar or lights in the room causing the hum. It's also not my pedals or anything like that. It does it even with nothing at all plugged into the amp (no guitar, pedals, etc...)

Hm... Maybe I'll replace the other two preamp tubes that are used by the Vintage Hi mode just to see if that does it. It could just be a difference of opinion too. Like what I hear as hum is normal to everyone else. Ya know what I mean?

I'll mess with it more later tonight when everyone's in bed. Thanks for checking yours for me!

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Re: New Electra Dyne Owner - Video

Post by Giax1974 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:18 pm

I have exactly the same problem, changed v1, v2, v3, v5, v7 and I still get the noise.
Did you solved this problem?
I am starting to think this is a grounding problem, or its related to 60hz cycle hum.

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