Instant Metallica Tone

You to can now master the Metallica sound like a puppet.

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Instant Metallica Tone

Post by Markedman » Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:43 am

Take a Mark lll blue stripe running simul-class with a Jackson guitar with a Seymour Duncan Dimebag pick-up, similar to a Bill Lawrence XL100 (the one with two rails) and it really doesn't take anything else to get to "Master of Puppets" tone. The type of speaker is not that important or if it's 1, 2 or a 4X12. EVM12L's sound as good as Celestion V30's getting mint Metallica MOP, the key is the blue stripe. Mirror image tone, I mean exact! I remember the day MOP came out and how that tone was everything to me but Boogies were out of my league and had to do with my Marshall and a Boss Metal Zone. I find playing Slayer and Pantera is easier with the Blue stripe too. It has the right amount of compression, less than a Mark IV and tighter than my no stripe Mark lll, pure Metallica tone. Tubes help for sure, I like mine without the fizz. The lead drive at 5.5 is about right.
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