Great EARLY Petrucci tone on DC5!

Ever sit in the theatre and dream about that sick sound John gets. Now you can discuss amongst yourselves.

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Great EARLY Petrucci tone on DC5!

Post by LTE » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:32 pm

I just was fooling around with my usual settings and came across this beauty. I've always loved Petruccis early live tone from the WDADU and I&W days, which i believed he used a triaxis for. It was a lot thinner and compressed then his recent tones, and not as v-curved. It was very smooth and compressed, a thin-round bass tone, and a crunchy treble tone.

First off, I use a weber mass attenuator, with the output on the amp at 5, and the weber set to a bit louder than bedroom level. The most important part imo, is the bb preamp, its settings for this are:
gain- 12 o clock
level- 10 o clock
trebel- ALL the way up
bass- 12 o clock

Also, the only guitar i use that really clicks with these settings is my Ibanez Jem. Its an older one with PAF Pros not evos. And strung with 9's, which really helps. All my other guitars have 10's or 11's and 9's really help compress the tone and make it smoother.

Now for the amp settigs:

Gain- 6
Treble- 6
Mid- 3
Bass- 2
Presence- 2
Reverb- 4 1/2
Master- 4


Now i know these settings are very specific to guitar/ pedal settings, but im sure anyone should be able to get close to it with other equipment.

Anyone use settings similar to these?
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Re: Great EARLY Petrucci tone on DC5!

Post by Sixstringpsycho » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:16 am

I have been jamming and ran these settings on my DC5 and got some amazing tone. Thanks for sharing. Used the exact setting but with my 78 LP.

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