Mark V with OCD v2: Note fizz-out averted

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Mark V with OCD v2: Note fizz-out averted

Post by abudoggie » Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:14 pm

Just picked up an OCD pedal v.2 and took it for a spin with my Mark V. I immediately experienced a fizz-out on notes played even with the OCD off.

After scratching my head a bit and trying different cables and power supply cords. Then I opened up the pedal to replace the battery and see if running off battery made a difference. While inside the box, I notice a switch for "Enhanced Bypass" and "True Bypass". It was set to Enhanced so I switched to True.

No more fizz-out notes.

May be unique to my setup but thought I'd share. Have no idea what "Enhance Bypass" is because I didn't RTFM, but if that is a better option and I'm doing it wrong, let me know.

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