Question about hardwood cabinet finishes....

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Question about hardwood cabinet finishes....

Post by jaslan » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:21 pm

I'll post this here because it's the only sub-forum I read and post in. Hope it's ok...

I have a Mark V and 2x12 Vertical Recto cabinet with the Tasmanian Blackwood (love it... favorite amp).

I also have another combo 2x12 amp from another popular manufacturer which is also a very nice amp but it comes in standard black tolex covering.
I have some experience with woodworking and I am building my own hardwood cabinet to put the head and speakers into of this other amp.
I am using Brazilian Cherry with dovetailed joints like my Mesa and so far it looks really nice. I will be ready to finish it in the next few weeks and was wondering about the best option.
I actually asked Mesa support what they use and he said they just use oil (Boiled Linseed Oil, I assume) and hand rub 5-6 coats.
I have never used BLO before but have plenty of experience with Polyurethane. A satin poly finish has about the same look, luster, and feel as my Mesa amp and it seems like it would provide a little more heat resistance and scratch protection than BLO and probably would not tend to amber with age (at least not as much as BLO). The ambering probably isn't as much of a concern with this darker cherry I am using.

Anyway, is there some consideration when dealing with amps that I may be overlooking? Obviously the heat produced by the tubes will make the inside warm but I don't think it would be enough to be a concern for either of those finish choices. Just trying to figure out the reason why Mesa chose the BLO hand rubbed finish over the Polyurethane. Is it just a look and feel thing?

Thanks for your help if you have some information. :)

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