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 Post subject: EVM 12L experience
PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:23 pm 
Mark I

Joined: Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:30 pm
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So currently I have a nice Mark V25 paired with a thiele 1x12 cabinet that I purchased empty not realizing it was empty lol. I ended up buying a used Mesa EMV 12L out of a Mark IV combo that ended up being a dead speaker that occasionally worked. Well i boxed that speaker up and ordered a brand new Celestion C90 from the Mesa Hollywood store and when I went to put the speaker in the 1x12 cabinet I put my screw gun right through the brand new cone! I was so infuriated at myself I took the speaker and threw it right in the garbage and went inside and ordered a brand new EVM 12L Classic speaker from sweet water. Well I got it today and installed it successfully but a couple things kind of irritated me about my $290 speaker. 1.) the sticker on the back was crooked 2) it didn't come with the foam adhesive that goes between the frame and the wood and 3) NO CANDY from Sweet water! Oh well so anyways I thought I'd share my experience with you all. I absolutely love the sound of the speaker and hopefully I will get the old Mesa EVM re coned soon

 Post subject: Re: EVM 12L experience
PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:10 am 
Single Recto

Joined: Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:31 am
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I have poked many a speaker in my day.... Usually thought the webbing which did not effect overall sound or tone but life expectancy may be questionable.

I took great joy in stabbing an MC90 that lost its dust cap (came with a combo shell I bought to convert Mark V head to combo). Actually this was not the first MC90 that got stabbed as the original from the Mark IV combo had the same fate. The last MC90 that was deliberately stabbed I still had in the combo and wanted to hear if the tone would improve. No but sounded interesting the more I cut from the cone. I did finally order a new one and it is working just fine as there are no holes and the dust cap is still attached. I often wanted to stab the V30 speakers in my old recto cab and perhaps leave the screw driver in place in hopes of a better tone. It was the amp and not the speaker that was my issue.

EVM12L Black Label were the cure for the Mark V ice. Closest I could get to the EMV12L Mesa Black Shadow as the webbing material is the same. Classic has a softer web and slightly looser character. I had one of those when I had the Mark III combo. That Black Shadow sounded really good in comparison.

When you need the volume, the EVM12L will not let you down. Actually they sound much better at higher levels. Actually they are not all that bad at lower volume levels either. Even the 412 I had stuffed with the EV worked great with the 10W power setting on the Mark V. My experience with the V30 is that they get brighter with more volume and seem to loose a bit on the bottom, EV on the other hand you can dump as much low end you can handle into them and they still remain composed. It is always good to have a variety if you can opt for that. I still have not installed the Celestion G12H75 CB into the smaller traditional sized 412 I have sitting around not being used. I will get to that soon enough. They did sound great in the OS Rec.412 but prefer the EV.

TC-50, shares the same cab as the JP-2C below
JP-2C, Vertical Recto 212 (V30)
Roadster head, OS Recto slant 412 cab (EVM12L-BLACK LABEL)
Royal Atlantic head , Matching Mesa OS Recto slant 412 (V30)
Royal Atlantic Combo, black face (V30)
Mark V combo (MC90 )

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