I tried a mark V and couldn't dial it in.

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Re: I tried a mark V and couldn't dial it in.

Post by lesterpaul » Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:37 pm

Xombie was test driving my amp, and I let him spend a weekend with it and he did try with a variety of diff cabs-he realized he wasn't a mark guy and I believe he went the recto route
( I know... I was a helluva guy to let him!cool guy)

It all worked out - a senior just got my mk v head because he has been a good kid.. A good kid with a helluva dad!!(and a whattadeal!)
We dialed her in with my trusty old boogie halfback 4x 12 with Ev/ c90 combo( it has enclosed back thanks to Joey B)
Pure rock fury, and they drove away happily ever after
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