Mark 5 live use - couple of questions

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Re: Mark 5 live use - couple of questions

Post by K-Roll » Wed May 01, 2013 5:21 am

thanks for all your ideas! I'll give them a try to find out what works best.
hmm talking about 90w vs 10w.. I don't like the way the amp sounds and feels when set to 10w. It just lacks the headroom and fullness for the style we play.. it's sounds as if it lost about 30% of it's body and the notes are thinner already..

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Re: Mark 5 live use - couple of questions

Post by ave » Wed May 01, 2013 4:55 pm

K Roll
Hello from England again.
Try it. To get the best out of the Mark series of amps you have to make them work hard in a live setting and that means maxing what you can and controlling it with the V&T on your guitar. If you do that at 90 and you're not on some humungous stage your ears will bleed and so will those of the rest of the band. Nowadays FOH PA systems and attendant foldback facilities are vastly superior to the two columns aside and a wedge monitor (if you were lucky) of the past, so you don't need to go to 90 watts ( beautiful as it may be.... and if only....). However most of us gigging hacks are rarely afforded the opportunity of cooking it at 90, but with the versatility of the MkV you can still attain awesome tone on the gig whilst still retaining practical and comfortable stage volume levels. If 10 really isn't enough for you then by all means have a stab at 45 global but the caveat here is that it is frightfully loud and I can only caution you against the risk to everyones precious hearing. Cheers. ave.
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