WTB Mark V combo

For you guys across the channel. Boogie Only.

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WTB Mark V combo

Post by BigBadWolf » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:57 pm

No longer buying.

...before i happen to notice i need 3rd Mark V ;D
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Re: WTB Mark V combo

Post by gjohung » Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:17 pm

Got my Mesa Boogie MK v 35!!!

So..about a month ago.. one of my amp Mesa Boogie Mk3 started sounding fizzy. Took it to Mesa Hollywood for repair. They had old repair record and looks like I replaced the tubes back in 2011. I had posted some of my issue here also.

Then I saw MK V 25 - asked them if I could play. Well, never heard an amp sound so sweet. Cleans sounded like a mild "natural" chorus. The channel 1 crunch mode was so gutsy and in your face. The legendary MKIIc mode was there. Along with modern MK V.

Well, for the 2 weeks. I was romancing and searching YouTube for sound bites and videos. My main gig is church - we could still rock but few years ago we switched to In-Ear. Some of the other guitarist were stubborn and kept amp live on stage and used floor monitors. I tried so hard to get used to IEMs and I think I got it and now I can't perform without it.

What appealed me was built in cab clone. Because my on stage amp is still mic'ed, sometime I get stink eyes from other singers who is still on wedges.. church couldn't provide IEM for everyone. I thought Cab Clone will do it I also have a Egnator combo which has Cab Sim XLR out - it didn't work out for me.

When I returned to Mesa to pick-up my MK3, I did another test.. this time I brought my PRS Custom 22. The amp sounded amazing. I just fell in love....

I actually have... I may have mentioned it before.. this Love-Hate relationship with guitar modeling....I am sure many guitarists do....I had my eyes on Line 6 Helix - hoping it will resolve my complex neededs...

But trying out the MK V 25 really changed me and put me on crossroad.....I did realize how good real tube amp can sound. This was so versatile amp with lot going on.

I left Mesa with my MK3 .

Then on rehearsal and then on Sundays services. My tone sucked.. it was fizzy.. cleans were muffed....it was like a last straw. After the service.. I went straight to Mesa, this time with my EJ start. During my research... I discovered the MK V 35 had few more feature. and is available as combo..

We'll now I am proud owner of new Mesa Boogie Five 35 combo.

This is my 3rd mesa... Mk2, Mk3, Mk5 (35)
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