230 Volt Export Dual Recto in Bronco White

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230 Volt Export Dual Recto in Bronco White

Post by dethrattle » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:44 am

I need help pricing my 230 volt Dual Recto Three Channel in Bronco White. Amp is in minty condition. Mesa states that the serial number (R-049890) is from Feb.08 because the five numbers before this one were very early Feb.08. Amp comes with original footswitch, cable and manual. Case is in great condition considering it is from the mid 90's. No dents or scrapes on this one. Interior is also great and recto fits just snug. Latches work smooth. Also included is a Powerbright VC-750w stepup/stepdown transformer for those of you that decide to us it in the USA.

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