LSC with EL84's vs the LSS.Also 6V6

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LSC with EL84's vs the LSS.Also 6V6

Post by diddlydan » Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:58 pm

Hi there,

I have owned 2 LSS combo's (1x12 and 2x12) and I have briefly owned a 2x12 LSC. I know the special far more than the classic, as I only had the classic for maybe 2 weeks max and it was 5 years ago or so. I have always loved the chime from the LSS. It's the EL84's I presume. According to the LSC manual its possible to run 6V6's instead of the stock 6L6's and according to this forum, its also possible to run el84's with yellow jackets. How close to the special does the classic get with el84's? Obviously there is the bigger transformer in the classic ,but both preamps are exactly the same(I think anyway). So in theory they should be very similar. Has anyone compared both directly with el84's in the classic? One thing i noticed about the special on the clean channel, was it sounded kind of thicker than any of the 100 watt mesa's with 6L6's i have had, mark v,road king 2 and LSC(from what i remember of the classic),royal atlantic(el34's or 6l6's). By thicker i mean something extra in the lower mid range.The bigger amps and tubes obviously have deeper lows, but the lower mids seemed a bit more hollow on those compared to the special.The blackface scoop perhaps or maybe the 6L6's or maybe just the extra bit of compression in lower wattage of the special, thickened up the lower mid range.Could be the el84's either, im not sure. It seemed to work nicer with single coils to my ears anyway. Has anyone noticed anything similar when putting el84's in the classic or even 6V6's? How do the 6V6's compare to the el84's?Less chime,deeper lows etc?

I am currently using a Road King 2 head.Great amp the RK2, but its bloody heavy. I have about 12 cables coming from a switcher to change settings on the amp,and a four cable method to have some fx in the loop etc.Its pretty messy and takes an age to set up.I will be gigging again shortly with my band, and I need a much more portable and easy to set up rig than the current set up.So I am considering picking up another lonestar and using just the clean channel with pedals.Quicker set up,less weight etc.I may get some tube driven overdrive pedals like effectrode or kingsley.Tube driven pedals need plenty of clean head room (some transistor pedals too),so I'm a little weary of the special lacking some head room.Thats why I'm thinking the classic.But i do love that chime of the special.I also have the big 6L6 clean sounds on the road king.It supposedly has the lonestar clean channel but im not sure its as sweet to be honest.Getting a classic would give me the option of el84's and if required I can just put the 6L6's back in ,if i need that extra bit of oomph or head room.I personally prefer the special for cleans,but if I can get a very similar sound with the classic I would go that route.Do you guys reckon the sound very similar with different tubes in the classic?

Thanks in advance

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Re: LSC with EL84's vs the LSS.Also 6V6

Post by BluesAndBooze » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:28 pm

I’ve had both of the LSC and LSS, when they were first launched, and I still have the LSC.
I’ve never got on with the tonality of EL84’s, unlike yourself . . That’s the joy of being different.
But, in response to your enquiry regarding different valves in the LSC, I have 6V6’s , Brimar and Tungsol, and they’re very mid smooth, quite early at breakup with differing harmonics. I really tried them for a volume cut, but far prefer other valves in it, specifically Philips JAN 6L6WGB giving good thick mids and tight but not overextended bottom and not sizzling highs. I’m primarily slide player, so it sits nicely forward of the mix. Another great valve for the amp, with enormous character are KT66’s . . I must add that my LSC is very modified, with Mercury Magnetics transformers, and fully adjustable bias pots for each of the four valves.
Maybe not quite the answer you were seeking, but I can say the 6V6’s work really well tonally.
The transformers have dropped the B+ and when the 6V6’s are in I run the power on its tweed setting. However, I do crank up the bias to better levels depending upon which valves are in.
Hope something may be of help
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