50 watt setting fizzy and weak/ Weber California

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50 watt setting fizzy and weak/ Weber California

Post by bgropp@gmail.com » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:14 am

So after reading many of the ancient posts on modding the LSC I decided to tinker a bit myself with my LSC 1x12 1st generation blue tolex amp.

I had my amp tech do the mod where the Gain and Master pots are swapped on Ch 2. When I got the amp back I didn't notice a change, although the "magic" I had heard when I got the amp a month before was gone. I kind of kicked myself for doing the mod, but overall not a big deal.

Then I decided to swap the Black Shadow for a Weber California Ceramic paper dome 80w speaker. I broke the speaker in, playing it a lot and even having a looper playback me playing for about 12 hours. Im sure it hasn't fully broken in, but I wasn't too happy with the results of the speaker swap. Although I loved the clean settings on the amp, the second I put OD and gain pedals in front of the amp or switched to Ch 2 I was getting a very fizzy OD and was hoping for more of a sweet overdriven creamy sound. After really trying to give it a chance and playing and tweaking for hours I decided to revert back to the Black Shadow for now....I'd rather not go through several speakers and would like to see what else is out there. I heard the WGS ET90 or ET65 could be a choice with a reasonable price tag and that the Blackhawk is really where it's at but more expensive.....Any thoughts?

Last issue is that overall I have not been pressed with the 50 watt settings on the LSC and have kept it on 100w almost always. I feel there's a major lack of tone when I switch to 50 watts. What am I doing wrong? Lol....I've also experimented a bit with the tweed setting but barely could tell a difference, same with the Silicon/tube tracking rectifier switch on back.....I've read through the manual as well as on some of these boards but could really use some direction and troubleshooting tips.

Overall I love the Fender clean tones of a twin reverb, super reverb bassman and I go into overdriven bluesy distortion tone as well as I play mostly Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, some jazz and funk.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: 50 watt setting fizzy and weak/ Weber California

Post by plan-x » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:54 pm

Sorry to hear your problems. And your mods backfired. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Your power tubes may be suspect. Your tech should of tested and verified. To many issues to address. Best of luck.
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