Lone star EQ suggestions

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Lone star EQ suggestions

Post by ebagjones » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:26 pm

Hello! I'm struggling to get a good EQ settings to be friendly with muff and Fuzz pedals on the clean channel. It's got this weird low mid thrust no matter where I set it, and the highs sound harsh. This results in muffs sounding both choked and muddy and fizzy at the same time. I find they sound best on amps with flat bass and treble response, and a slight mid hump with emphasis on the upper mids. Anyone have any suggestions on a good neutral-ish slightly mid-dy setting for these?

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Re: Lone star EQ suggestions

Post by diddlydan » Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:45 pm

I think its because of the high headroom and mid scoop on the clean channel that the muff isnt sounding how you want.muffs and fuzzes generally sound better into an amp with lots of mids and where the power section is compressing a bit.it smooths out the square waves of the fuzz.I have the special and it sounds decent enough with my effectrode mercury fuzz mainly because i can push the power section into compression due to the lower wattage.i do have the mids up around 1-2 oclock,bass 10-11 oclock,treble 11 oclock,presence 12-1 oclock and gain10-11 oclock.not sure that will help.it works with my guitar but every one is different.try boosting the fuzz with a mid rangey pedal like a tube screamer.try it before and after th fuzz.have very little gain on it.just us it to boost the mids and shape the fuzz.also try a graphic eq

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