Lonestar, Express master volume question

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Lonestar, Express master volume question

Post by mixsit » Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:21 am

I'm running the LSS but have been looking at the Express + series (mostly for perhaps more flexibility in tone control dept, but that another story :?
But I was reading the Express manual and noticed something I hadn't before and is the same for the Lonestars, and that is the suggesting of using the master in 'sensible ranges' - 9:00-2:00.
Now I actually do more often than not run in that range on the master. But thinking about it now I'm wondering if my presumptions of what a master control is and does is correct? - I.e. it attenuates the drive to the power section, but when wide open simply allows for full drive to the power section, in short sort of it's natural state it would have with out a master.
So I guess the question is might Mesa actually be driving the power section a little harder with the master wide open than- other amps? Say the typical earlier non-master Fenders I'm thinking of for example?
Thanks ahead!

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