Used LSS and rectifier problem

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Used LSS and rectifier problem

Post by leiperik » Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:17 am

Hi all,

Since yesterday I'm a proud owner of an LSS. Really happy with it, but I've got some questions.

The serialnumber for the amp is LS-001444. I've read about possible rectifier problems in LSS amps with serialnr's before 4500.
I've asked the previous owner if something had been done or if he has experienced problems with it.

He never had any problems (He'd always been running the amp in 30W). Last summer the powertubes have been replaced by JJ's.

Should I be worried? Or is there something I can do in advance?
How can I check if any modifications have already been made? What do the stock rectifier tubes look like?

(note: I'm a complete noob when it comes to tube amp maintenance, just want to make sure it won't give up on me on stage)
(note2: I've bought the amp from an individual, does that void warranty?)

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