lss spax7 tubes

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lss spax7 tubes

Post by joe.h » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:16 pm

i know i had to change my pre-amp tubes in my lss but was holding out for xmas present off one of my sons.i got five gt.12ax7c but one of them was a 12ax7R so i put them in and found out that the gt 12ax7R sounded better in v1 the 12ax7c sounded warm but in the v1 drive stage sounded thin and glassy but to be honest these tubes didn't sound all that much better than my old mesa tubes which i have been gigging about twice a month and playing the amp just about every night for about hour or two for the past 2 1/2 years new years eve gig i could tell they were ready to be changed
i also have a lsc the new 2007 with the 10 i thought i would steal them out of the amp and try them in my lss as i have never gigged with it and its only a year old to my surprise it had three spax7 and two 12ax7 so i put them in the same order as the lsc had them v1 spax7 v2 12ax7 v3 spax7 v4 12ax7 v5 spax7.turned the on and believe me the amp came to life channel 1 was fatter handle more bass and way more touch sensitive nice chime too
channel 2 real nice drive punchy not to glassy i could get glassy if i wanted too.the tone of the amp has not changed like some guys have said by changing the pre-amp tubes its just a lot more there the amp really likes these tubes and they are mesa so no problem with warranty. i did change the v2 to spax7 but found the mesa 12ax7 sounded better. so for me i think i am going to stick with mesa tubes at least the spax7's i like the sound of my lss 2x12 combo and does a great job gigging so why mess the sound

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Re: lss spax7 tubes

Post by Griz » Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:02 pm

I had close to the same experience with the SP12ax7 Joe. I also put in a matching quad of the Mullard Re-Issue EL84s and was very pleased with the results.
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