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BAD Driver V4?
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Author:  tjbitt [ Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  BAD Driver V4?

Hi all , I have a non-gigging Mesa Express 5:25 +and I noticed the clean mode in channel 1 has lost a lot of volume output and crackles a bit when I pick hard on low E string. Channel 2 seems to be unaffected and has plenty of gain and output. I replaced V1 with a Mullard and V2 with a Tung Sol and the problem persists. Could a bad driver tube cause issues in channel 1 without affecting channel 2, or bad V3 3rd stage clean/4th stage crunch? I'm retired on fixed income and hate to pay for a complete tube swap or pay local Mesa repair if 1 or 2 more tubes will do the trick.
Any thoughts would be most appreciated as I am not much up on tube amp maint/repair. Tnx again. Ted :<)

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