Express Plus 5:25 - Bluesbreakers/Clapton "Beano" tone?

5:25 and 5:50's

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Express Plus 5:25 - Bluesbreakers/Clapton "Beano" tone?

Post by kwhinz » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:39 am

Hi forum folks. Looking to see if anyone has recommendations for comping a Bluesbreakers/Clapton "Beano" tone. I believe the amp from that record was a Marshall 1962 model (40-watt, KT66 power tube section) but also a Marshall 1974 model (18-watt, EL-84 power tube section) can get very close to those tones.

Some notes:
> my Express Plus 5:25 is a 1x12 combo version with the Celestion V30 speaker
> my guitar = 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional with Burstbucker 1/2 pickups

The questions:
* amp channel/mode recommendation: "Crunch" with low/medium gain setting, "Blues" with medium/high gain setting, or other?
* power section configuration: 25-watt Dyna-Watt, 15-watt Class A, or 5-watt single-ended Class A?
* other recommendations with tone control settings on the amp - either primary bass/mid/treble tone stack, EQ sliders, or "contour" control?
* specific recommendations with guitar, guitar tone controls, cables, etc.?

Thanks for any & all advice from the Boogie Board community,


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