5:25 or 5:50 dilemma

5:25 and 5:50's

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David Garner
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Re: 5:25 or 5:50 dilemma

Post by David Garner » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:39 am

5:25 is plenty. I prefer the tone of the 5:50 personally, but the extra power has never been an issue.

I have one of each because the 5:50 is too heavy to lug to rehearsals and so forth. So that is a downside to the bigger amp. If you get the 5:50, I'd get the head/cab configuration.

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Re: 5:25 or 5:50 dilemma

Post by SteveB » Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:27 pm

bridger wrote: I think you nailed it with that quote. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the options on the Express , especially in contrast to my simple Fender Amp. I want to use this amp to gig with in less than a month & would like to know all the ways to get from sparkly clean to "pushed" clean to Bluesy overdriven chording to clipped "screaming" lead tone all in one set.
Oh well, it's a happy problem that I don't mind working on! :wink:
midifail wrote:The Express comes to life, when the Volume-Pot passes 9 o'clock.
Switch it to lower wattage and increase the Volume.
Dial in your most saturated tone to taste (remember "gain up-> bass down").
With the guitar plugged directly into the amp, you can clean this up a little with guitar volume for a third in-between-sound.
This may be a little off topic, but one thing I really like about the Express is that it always rewards a little tonal exploration / experimentation. One example: I've mainly used the clean and blues voicings for the past 18 months but more recently started experimenting with burn. At first I found it to be either too fizzy or overpowering, but then I tried using the 5 watt setting, turning up the amp volume and turning the guitar volume way down, similar to what I think Midifail is describing. I immediately stumbled upon a great lead tone that suits me really well. You may take a totally different approach. The point is that there are great tones lurking in each of these voicings that can suit a wide range of playing styles if you take a some time to explore. It's a great amp! (in my case a 5:25+)

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