Price check IIC converted to C+

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Price check IIC converted to C+

Post by Guitarted » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:43 pm

What would be a typical price for a IIC short head with EQ and Simul-Class (but original reverb tank is missing) that was converted at the factory to C+ back in the eighties?


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Re: Price check IIC converted to C+

Post by woodbutcher65 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:32 pm

I honestly don't know but since I've started a new job that promises to give me substantially more of an amplifier purchasing fund, I'd be interested in hearing the answer when and if someone gives one. I would certainly be interested in a IIC+ and as long as it's right it wouldn't bother me if it wasn't built to that spec at the factory.

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Re: Price check IIC converted to C+

Post by JCB1980 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:54 pm

Depends on a few things I guess. Availability being the biggest, but you already have one located so that is moot here I suppose.
From what I've seen anywhere from $2000 (rare) to around $3000. I could see them going for more if someone really wanted it. I think $2500-3000 is a fair price as the asking price for factory C+s seems to have risen over the last year or two. Missing reverb tank isn't a huge knock, they aren't very expensive to replace if the circuit is in the amp. Does it have the RP11a or the RP10 board? Shouldn't really make a difference but the RP11a will have it just like a factory C+ minus the 105pt. But like all things it just depends on how much it is worth to you and how much someone is willing to let it go for.
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Re: Price check IIC converted to C+

Post by jrb32 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:59 am

Technically there's no such thing as a 'factory C+' board. The RP11A/SP11A boards were designed for the IIC and the later IICs also had them. All C+s are IICs with the + mod done to them. The only difference with 'factory C+s' is that this + mod was done at the factory during their production phase rather than at a later stage, and the ones built from late 83 onwards will probably have a 105PT. Anyway.

Price wise I'd rank them as follows from worth the highest to the lowest.

(K=Coliseum D=Simul, H=100W, S=60W, R=Reverb, G=Graphic)

Then based on that you can add in the following for more value for each of the following:

105PT worth more on the US Voltage models (obviously not the coliseum that has its own crazy PT). Export IIC+s will not have the 105PT. Really doesn't make too much difference which transformer IMO but people will argue over this...
Long chassis worth more.
Hardwood Cabinet with Wicker Grille worth more
Switchable +/++ worth crazy money

So to answer the original question, a DRG is second highest on the list. Minus some value since the reverb is missing. This would raise alarm bells for condition for me and I would check it out and grab internal pics of the chassis before buying if possible (if you're buying). If you're selling then it's worth what someone will pay but it'd be on the higher end of the spectrum because it's a simul and it's got a GEQ.

Hope that helps!

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