Help! Mk. III off moth balls -- suuuper weird noise...

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Help! Mk. III off moth balls -- suuuper weird noise...

Post by camsna » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:49 pm

So! I had my boogie serviced and modded by Monsta-Tone like ten years ago (including replacing all the filter caps). I played it for a year or so and, due to the sheer terror and ferocity of it, downsized to another rig.

FFD to now. Took the Boogie out of the rack, put it back in its headshell, and fired it up. All the tone I remember and love is there, but so is a new visitor -- weird friggin' irritating noise in Lead Mode (maybe it's just too quiet to hear in R2/R1). Lead Mode is unplayable without a fat nasty gate. I opened 'er up (details below) and she was clean as a whistle. Amp has been rack mounted in a fully enclosed rack for these many years. Visually, nothing was out of place or looked weird. Caps all seem fine. No dust at all. Nothing obvious.

Input - 6.5
Lead drive - 6ish
Lead master - 7ish
Master - < 2

What I've tried:
Cleaned/lubed all the pots (Caig D5/F5)
Cleaned all the tube sockets
Tensioned all the tube sockets
Cleaned all of the jacks
Rolled a bunch of different tubes in every position. No change in any case.

Observations (forgive the super obvious ones)
Noise goes away when I plug into the loop return
V3 -- no matter what tube I put in there -- is microphonic as crap
Noise goes away when I take V3 out
Noise seems to be affected (crackling/whistling/static/etc -- it changes and moves) when I ungently manipulate V3
The PT seems to be softly humming/vibrating

Here's a recording of the noise. Nothing's plugged into the amp. ... e.mp3?dl=0

HELPMEH! PLEASE! Where ought I to look? I'm thinking about looking at the V3 socket, but that's...a chore...

Tusen takk!

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Re: Help! Mk. III off moth balls -- suuuper weird noise...

Post by JOEY B. » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:40 am

I have heard of the FX return jack contacts going bad if something is left plugged in for long periods of time. If running a short jumper cable from the FX Send to the FX return fixes the noise, then I would highly suspect that this is your problem.
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