Building a MKIII Rack system

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Building a MKIII Rack system

Post by Psyence88 » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:03 pm

Hey guys!

I'm saving up some cash to build my live rig for the next couple years. Right now I got my trusty MKIII combo but I want to rackmount it for convenience issues.

I'm going to purchase a TC Electronics G-Major for all of my modulation effects, I believe I read somewhere that I can control the channels of the amp via the G-Major, would I be able to control the channels/reverb/EQ? or just the channels?

It's not going to be overly huge, but basically the the amp, G-Major, Ground Control Pro, GCX Audio switcher, furman power conditioner, and the rackmount case of course, a 10 spacer.

Oh yes, is it the CB.RM rackmount unit what I want to get?(From Mesa's site.)

Also, I want to set up a rig where I can have my songs as banks with the presets changing the sounds, but have buttons available to trigger sound samples/midi sequences via my laptop which will be hooked up to an external soundcard with midi support. Can this work with the GCP? Or will I need an additional footcontroller? Thanks guys!

Any suggestions guys? Any cool ideas?
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