James Hetfield Rig for sale

Specifically for Mesa Boogie products sold in the UK

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James Hetfield Rig for sale

Post by discostu29 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:40 pm

Now splitting my rig up, PM me for prices and details.

Will ship worldwide

Going to be selling my rig and just wondering if their is any interest in the rig as a whole before I start splitting it up and selling it separately? I do realise that there wont be many that would spend this amount on a amp/rig but does sound great together.

Mesa 4x12 Traditional v30's new in 2017
Marshall 4x12 1960BV V30's new 2016

Diezel VH4 re-valved 2017 KT6550

Roland JC-77
Furman PL-PLUS Power conditioner, bulbs needs replaced.
Behringer Multigate Pro XR #4400
TC Electronics G-Major
DBX 1074 Quad gate
Triaxis #1 V2 Stock no mods
Triaxis #2 V2 Yellow Lead 2 Gain mod (Hetfield mod)*
Studio Preamp MKC+ mod*
GCX Switcher and Ground control pedal
Mesa High Gain Switcher recently serviced*
Stereo Simul-Class 2:90
Mesa EQ pedal
Rack and all cables included.

* All work done by local Mesa Engineer

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