FS - Triaxis/2:90 Rig

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FS - Triaxis/2:90 Rig

Post by Breenbear » Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:00 am

Hi everyone!

I am selling my rack rig as it is just sitting in the corner not getting used anymore! Will be sad to see it go but better off going to someone who will make the most of it! I am hoping to sell it all together! Here is what is included:

Mesa Triaxis - Version 2 with Phat mod - Great condition with just a few small cosmetic marks.
Mesa 2:90 - In very good condition. Was serviced a while back and has been sitting unused in rack ever since.
TC Electronics G major - Again excellent condition. Even has protective plastic on screen.
Furman Power Conditioner - Excellent condition
Gator 8u rolling rack - Good sturdy rack. Has been used so has the usual scrapes etc and the locks don't work. But still in very useable condition.

PRICE - £1550 I think this is a reasonable price and I am making a substantial loss on what I paid!

NB - The pieces have all been changed to IEC cables to go in the back of the Furman. If you wanted to use them on their own they would need to be converted back to 3 pin plug. Also, I haven't changed the tubes in a while so it may be something you want to do yourself. Everything is in full working order and sounds great though.

I can send pictures or even upload a recording of it in action if you are interested. If you want any more info then please get in touch! Items are available for collection in SW London.

Mesa Boogie 2:90,Triaxis and widebody 1x12 thieles (x2)
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