Modded my DC-5 - more like Mark/previous Caliber

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Modded my DC-5 - more like Mark/previous Caliber

Post by DesolationBlvd » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:48 am

Hello everyone! I signed up a few months back but the activation e-mails weren't going out. Tried again and here I am.

I have a DC-5, it was my first fancy amp, after a generic solid-state cheapie and an Epiphone Valve Junior. But I never got along with the lead channel, I found it smooth at the cost of everything else. I was not in a good state of mind when I decided to mod it instead of just selling and getting something more like what I want, but I already hacked it up. It's this weird in-between - not a Mark, not a Recto - but looking at the schematic, I thought I could make it more like a Mark, or at least the previous Caliber series. The main change was that I disabled the second tone stack and moved the controls to the first tone stack. Now it hits the mark.

Here is a quick demo from a while back.

I need to make a new demo video, I've changed it a little after this (jumpering over a voltage dropping resistor for the lead channel).

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Re: Modded my DC-5 - more like Mark/previous Caliber

Post by Lupo » Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:15 pm

I just watched your video. Your DC5 sounds more round e and creamy than my rev b. Great sound. More Markish :)
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Re: Modded my DC-5 - more like Mark/previous Caliber

Post by Don » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:58 am

Interesting. I had a DC-3 and Studio .22+ at the same time and chose to keep only the 22 because I didn't care for the DC-3's lead sound. The DC-3 had a better clean sound and made less noise, but the lead sound was too strident, for lack of a better word.

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