DC-3 a little monster of TONE!

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DC-3 a little monster of TONE!

Post by el34sg » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:21 pm

I picked up a DC-3 combo a while back and it's truly amazing. My first Mesa with EL84's.
I had my tech cool the bias so the tubes don't red plate anymore.

I run it with a 1x12 extension cab underneath and get huge chunky tone on both channels that cuts thru.
My SG's never sounded better. It has a different feel than a DC-5. Not going to say better, it fits my needs better.
It's a pretty fat sounding clean channel, I run the bass on 1 & the mids up. Very 3D full sounding channel.
The Drive channel is a BEAST of greatness. My favorite of any Mesa, including my Red Stripe Mark III.

It always sounds like the tubes are being pushed (in a good way) with great response. My favorite thing about the DC-3
is the Midrange, there's plenty of it. Kind of similar to a Mark II or III, but it has tighter low end.
Reviews claim a Recto thing going on, but I don't really hear it.

I could have saved $thousands$ if I found this amp 20 years ago.

And I thought EL84 based amps didn't kick ass. I was 100% wrong.

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Re: DC-3 a little monster of TONE!

Post by bendo » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:01 pm

The do infact kick tons of A$$. I have 2 that I run through a Radial Headbone to a Recto Vertical 2x12 and I love them.

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