DC-2 footswitch jack

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DC-2 footswitch jack

Post by Meanoldfireman » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:17 pm

I just picked up a DC-2. I've had a couple of Mesa's before, 50 cal, and express 5:50 and and a Triaxis (still have it, collecting dust). This seems like a great little amp for what I'll use it for. It came with, what I assume is.., the original footswitch, just the lead/clean channel switch.
1. Is the front panel foot switch jack TRS with the tip the channel and the ring the reverb and the rear is the other way around? or are they both TS, front for channel and rear for reverb. (I checked the manual and like a lot of Mesa's documentation, it was colorfully written, but not very helpful)

2. Is there a footswitch available for this (both channel and verb) or do I need to make one?


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