An old friend is back

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An old friend is back

Post by bendo » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:49 am

About a year and a half ago I traded my DC3 head for a New Express 5/25+ combo. I love the Express, but I regretted letting go of my DC3. I just missed the sweet sound of that 35watt EL84 power section and the amazing lead channel on it (not that the Express+ is bad, it just isn't the same).

Monday, they guy I traded it to got it back in on another trade and was asking me what mods I had done to it. I listed out the mods for it, and asked him why? The guy that bought it off of him traded it back in for another amp. I told him "It's mine, I want that amp back". He said the guy that traded it in wasn't sure he was happy with the new amp, and might want the DC3 back. Well, my response was "tell him you sold it". He wouldn't do that (in case you are wondering, it's Pat Davey at Goodtime Music in Streamwood, IL. A great all around dude that really knows how to take care of his customers). I said "OK well call me as soon as you know, and I will come pick it up". The next day, I got a call at 1:00PM indicating that the amp was mine. I was stoked. I wanted to go get it asap, but I had a conference call to complete first at 2:00PM. By 2:45 I was on the road to pick it up.

I have never been so happy to have an old piece of gear back. Used it at band practice last night and the change in our overall sound was just amazing. So full and smooth on the high gain. It was like heaven.

Now, I just need to hunt down another DC3 head as a backup. The search begins!!!

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