To buy a DC-10 or not...

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To buy a DC-10 or not...

Post by RyanMcShred » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:11 pm

Currently I own an older two channel Dual Rectifier (probably Rev G) 100 watt, and a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 watt. I run either one of them into a 4x12 Avatar cab with v30s. I normally play various types of metal and run many different combinations of pedals. I love the versatility of having these two very different sounding heads though. The Marshall is pretty good clean and has a cool crunch to it. The gain stage is fine for High on Fire/Mastodon type tones but not much heavier. It sounds horrible with my 7 string even with a TS9.

My Dual Rec handles all the metal tones like a champ and I play it the most. It plays well with fuzz, an hm-2, whatever. Cleans are decent too, but not quite Fender worthy if you know what I mean.

Im thinking I could sell the Marshall to buy an older DC-10 head. I've read tons on how theyre a great "sleeper" amp and very versatile. Can they fill the gap my Marshall does tone wise with cleans and crunch tones as well as awesome lead/heavy rhythm tones? Are there any manufacturing issues I should be wary of? Or should I just be happy with what I got and shut up?
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Re: To buy a DC-10 or not...

Post by Monsta-Tone » Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:47 pm

The DC is definitely not going to sound like a Marshall, but it is made a million times better.
Better parts, better engineering, better internal layout.

I had 3 TSL100's before I got my first Mesa.
I actually traded a TSL122 for a Dual Rectifier (first Mesa amp) and was sold ever since.

Tone is subjective, but quality is not.

I used a DC-10 for years and loved it. Great Fender like (not as good as my Twin Reverb) cleans. Decent reverb, and lots of gain.
It's a good amp to compliment the Recto. The DC won't do what a Recto does, but the Recto cannot do what the DC does either.

Distortion sounds are like a rougher Mark IV. Great crunch, smooth sustain, and with the graphic EQ, you can get just about any tone if you are patient.
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