DC-3 into VTM 60.

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DC-3 into VTM 60.

Post by Orion_99 » Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:34 pm

This started with me thinking I needed something a bit more heavy, metal, angry whatever you want to call it. I went out and bought a 5150 combo thinking it would nail it. Well it turns out I'm not a big fan. Sure it sounds good in many ways, (I much prefer it through my Mesa 212 with V30's over the Sheffields), but to me it was kind of lacking.

From there I'm not sure what made me think of it, but I decided to try running my DC-3 into the return of first the 5150 then my VTM. Holy crap, what a difference. I already love my DC-3, but this blew me away. No more thinking I need anything else, at least for a while anyway. I was seriously considering a Mark IV, but not now. I have also thought a Rectifier would be cool, but who needs it?

I tried running from the slave out and the fx send and I found that the fx send is more manageable. This way I can also keep the output turned right down or use the speaker mute so I'm only getting output through the VTM. There is a negligible difference between running through the 5150 vs the VTM, so the 5150 is going bye bye. NGD as soon as it's gone. :D

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