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DIY Mark III Footswitch question and help needed

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:34 am
by soulchief
Hello all,

I'm the middle of making a DIY "Rhythm / Lead Footswitch" for my Mark III and have a quick question on the LED Resistor:

I'm just using a standard 2V, 20ma Red LED.

What should the 'LED Resistor Value' and 'wattage' be?
-- I've seen 680 Ohms, 3.3K, and 4.7K stated online.
--I've also seen 1/4 watt and 1/2 watt being stated.

I'm familiar with LED resistors and 9V batteries but this one being internally powered by the amp is throwing me off.
How much volts does the am send?

I read it won't switch properly if it is not correct..?

Thanks for any help,