MK IV Recording Out vs DI box

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MK IV Recording Out vs DI box

Post by caruso22 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:36 pm

New member here. I used a Radial DI box at our last gig to input to the PA and they had a hard time getting my signal low enough. Could have been user error at the board. I wound up tweed power at 1.5.

I use Recording Out to practice silently at home. The manual says you can use Recording Out to directly feed the PA. Problem is it's 1/4 and the PA input at the club we play is XLR. I've been reading up and apparently there are dangers of phantom power (which I don't understand). If anyone uses their Mk IV this way, what cable do you use? I'm hoping with the output control I can dial back the volume to the PA when necessary. I used to mic and these guys don't want a mic. We have 2 more gigs at this location coming up so I'm trying to be prepared for next time.

Thanks in advance. I searched but couldn't get a good hit, hope I'm not repeating questions.

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Re: MK IV Recording Out vs DI box

Post by jediguitarist » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:50 am

I've done this at a few gigs where electronic drums were used, bass DI and vocals were the only thing you could really hear on stage.

It sounds like you're doing the correct setup with the DI box. Had the channel volumes on the amp initially set off. I set the master to 2.5 - 3.5 depending on the where the pot "jumps" to near full volume.
Plugged the 1/4 Recording out (using an instrument cable) to the the DI and took an xlr to the board. I did have the Recording knob on the back set to around 5. I don't recall if the Recording knob is tied directly to the output.

The cheap DI I used had a -10db pad and didn't have an issue with the trim on the board.

The sound was okay and definitely usable for Corporate gigs that didn't want anything sounds coming off the stage.

I've done the same setup with a Boogie Quad preamp with no power amp and it worked the same way as the Mark.

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