Mark IIC+ Refurb success story

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Mark IIC+ Refurb success story

Post by revgsmall » Wed May 02, 2018 1:37 pm

I've had at least 3 Mark IIC+'s but I've held on to the least equipped version. 100 Watts, Reverb (No EQ, no Simulclass). It just has a quality to it that I have yet to match with any other amp. I bought it in a pawn shop in Spokane WA for $400.00 around the year 2000. It was a beat up combo which has now been converted into a beautiful red snakeskin head cabinet made by GTS George.

Other than new power tubes over the years this amp has never been serviced since I've owned it! It has never failed even once. So I read somewhere that Mike Bendinelli was going to retire (which turned out to be NOT true) and I thought I had better send it in for a refurb so off it went to Petaluma with the UPS gorillas.

Mike is a great communicator, I told him my goal was to have it sound exactly as it left here and comfort in the fact that everything has been done to it to keep it working for another few decades. The only thing I wanted to try was a boost to the reverb as I found the Boogie reverb pretty useless for what I want to hear.

6 resistors replaced, 4 filter caps replaced, Treble pot replaced,V1 and V3 preamp tubes replaced, 4 new 6L6 power tubes. Reverb in and out boosted, replaced rotted foam on reverb tank. Replaced bent chassis screws and slightly straightened bent chassis corners (It must have took a hit before I bought it). Cleaned and shipped back to my door in it's flight case. Yes shipping cost is a bitch.

The verdict is it sounds even better than when it left and that is a pretty high bar!!! It has the same characteristics but with more warmth in the lower mids and mids. My traditional settings are still the same. The reverb is now usable!!!! Much stronger signal and I sit it on about 4 1/2 and it really is an improvement. I will likely stick with my old Alesis Microverb in the effects loop for concerts etc. but the tank reverb will be great for fast set-ups, rehearsals etc. I should have had that mod done decades ago.

Mike said the amp is one of the cleanest he has seen in some time and it appeared to him that it still had all the original parts. That to me is one hell of a testimonial for their quality control considering this amp was made in 1984!!!!

My question is since I'm not a amp tech: Is what warmed up the low-mids and mids or is it likely a combo of everything that was done to it? I am one happy guitar player right now. I can't wait to put it on a big stage in June. Thank you Mike and Mesa Boogie!!!!!!

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Re: Mark IIC+ Refurb success story

Post by xdg999 » Wed May 02, 2018 7:33 pm

I would say the new tube in v1 had the biggest impact on the tone but it is probably like you said, a combo of everything that was done. The two Mark llc’s that Mike B. upgraded for me sound fantastic. I have a Mark lll DRG Black Stripe on it’s way to Mesa for the lll+ and R2 mods and anything else that’s needed. I agree with you on the HR c+’s. There’s something special about them. I told Mike B. last week that the only way he could work on my HR c+ that I bought new in 1984 was if I dropped it off in person. That amp doesn’t leave the house anymore.
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Re: Mark IIC+ Refurb success story

Post by gts » Sat May 05, 2018 6:48 am

revgsmall wrote:My question is since I'm not a amp tech: Is what warmed up the low-mids and mids or is it likely a combo of everything that was done to it?
Call Mike and ask him. He'll talk to you and fill you in.
He's good that way (meaning he'll talk with amp owners/ end users).

Btw great story about your HR C+!

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