Mark IV push-pull pots

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Mark IV push-pull pots

Post by r_cod_81 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:41 pm

Hi everyone - some minor tech advice required if anyone knows the answer.

I need to replace my 'Lead Gain' control as the push-pull switch is broken. I have had a couple of the push-pull pot shafts break and have had reasonable success drilling, gluing and pinning them but in this case the 'Pull Fat' function doesn't work, the impact that snapped the shaft clearly destroyed the internal workings of the switch.

I don't want to just get a replacement Mesa pot as my main gripe is the fact that the shaft is plastic and will likely get broken again at some point.

So: I intend to replace the pot with a more robust one of the correct resistance (I believe it is a 1 Meg pot but correct me if I'm wrong) and will hard-wire the switch as Fat mode engaged. Would I be correct in assuming that having the 'Fat' mode engaged equates to the switch being closed? If this is the case then it's easy enough to just solder the ends of the wires that go to the switch together.

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