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Mark III Videos

Post by dlpasco » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:29 pm

I just got done shooting a bunch of videos based on a purple stripe Mark III I'd borrowed from a friend at the Seattle Guitar Store.

The whole thing is setup as a playlist here, but the individual videos go as follows if anyone is interested:

Balanced ("Happy Medium") Settings Demo: ... un&index=1
Tone Shaping Discussion: ... Tu8i6a9_un
R2 Demo: Immigrant Song ... Tu8i6a9_un
Nirvana Tones Demo: ... Tu8i6a9_un
Lamb of God Sample: ... Tu8i6a9_un
Lead Channel Demo ("Plush") ... Tu8i6a9_un
Fender Blackface-style cleans: ... Tu8i6a9_un
Cutting through live mixes ... Tu8i6a9_un

I'm sharing this stuff because it's where I'm at in my own learning process about the Mark III and Marks in general. If anyone has any counterpoints or information they'd like to share, too, I'd really like to hear from other people.

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