I suppose its time

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I suppose its time

Post by Rider1260 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:38 pm

So I have had this MKII B since new in 1982, It has been my main ( only ) amp most of my playing life.
It is all stock has always had Mesa Tubes and the only things that have ever failed were the relay to switch channels and the power switch.
So I am feeling a bit guilty, I have ALWAYS loved my Mesa clean and driven with pedals ( I make my own gain pedals these days ) but I have recently been trying out a few new amps ( Marshall TSL , Egnater , and now PRS ) I am falling hard for the PRS 2 Channel H.
I think my MKII could be losing a bit of something ( not unreasonable at all ) what do you guys think ?
There are lots of great amp shops here in Chicago or should I send it home ( factory ) for a full tune up ?
I want to give the old girl her due before I do something drastic

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Re: I suppose its time

Post by Old BF Shred » Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:32 pm

Has it ever had the power supply capacitors replaced? They could be a bit weak after all this time.
Although I have seen 40+ yr old amps where the old caps, after being replaced as a preventative measure, still measured good, at rated value.
If you constantly played this amp, they could still be good (it's actually bad for capacitors to sit for a long time in an un-used amp).
New caps, if needed, and tubes will generally breath new life in an old amp.
Any competent tech could do this work for you.

Good luck with it...it looks like a really well cared for amp!
On the other hand, I also recently auditioned a PRS amp (Archon) ....very nice! :)
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