Mark III died again - UPDATE 25/1/17 -

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Re: Mark III died again

Post by McBarry » Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:10 am

Hi Casey, that sucks that it's still not behaving..

Yeah, John at Pro Audio is a really nice guys and knows Boogies v well.. Getting it back to factory would certainly locate the fault.. but at wot cost...!!

I'm not suprised its not showing itself visually as yet - and even if the source of the heated part or a bit of smoke leakage is found, there's no guarantee how far else through the circuit the root cause is..

But I'm a sucker for fixer-upper amps.. problem is I rarely sell them...

A Blue stripe Mk 3 would be kinda cool to keep company with my others though..!!

Is it head or combo and what kinds $'s would U be thinking ?

PM or email if U like so we don't hijack the thread - although I'll certainly post what I find if it make it's way to frigging cold Canberra..!!

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Re: Mark III died again

Post by kc_ksom » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:27 pm


So I took my boogie back to B J amps here in Brisbane Australia - as was thought he had to pull the board to diagnose the problem - but he found the problem

A big blob of solder had formed either from factory (which he thinks where it was) or a previous repair, this blob was so close to the pins that depending on heat , vibrations, moisture levels etc could actually short on the inside of the preamp valve base. The pre amp valve base is so tiny but this small blob none the less is the culprit


He also shorted one valve in the process so I replaced a set - also in the lead circuit there was a little black component - which I cant remember the name of is - and now all fixed, no crackling - no bad vibes, just awesome awesome tone!!


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