Building Mark iii Footswitch help

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Building Mark iii Footswitch help

Post by Chief Brody » Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:35 pm

Hey there,

I've found myself in need of switching between R1 and R2 again - I haven't needed to in years. So, I'm building another footswitch for the R1/R2 for my Blue Stripe (it has the R2 vol mod). I've built and fixed a few pedals, changed pots on guitars, etc. but I'm pretty much an electronics noob. So the issue I'm having is, I'm using a green LED instead of red (it's what I have on hand plus it'll be different than the lead/rhythm switch) so what resistor value do I use in series with the green LED? My lead/rhythm switch has a 3.3k for its red LED but that ain't cuttin' it with the green. Thanks for any insight.


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Re: Building Mark iii Footswitch help

Post by candletears7 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:32 am

Any resistor value from 1.5k up is fine as a current limiting resistor for an LED.
The thing is that LEDs range in value of brightness as measured in Lumens.
What you need to do is try different value resistors until you get it to a similar brightness to your Red one.

Did you know you can shave resistors with a file to get exact resistances? Crazy (and fiddly) but true. Cover the filed part with nail polish.
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