F 50 A/B test

F-30, 50 and 100's

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F 50 A/B test

Post by steve15366 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:26 pm

Having just done a swap with a little cash my way. An Orange Thunderverb 50 head for a F 50 combo.
I decided to A/B compare the F50 with a selection of my amps thinking that the F 50 would fall short of the mark.
WRONG first up was the Marshall JVM 410C combo. The clean of the Marshall is very nice but the F50 has a more laid back sound if that makes sense? We tried both dry as the reverb on the F 50 IN MY OPINION sounds terrible as does the Orange Thunderverb's.
Next test with reverb using a cheap but very decent sounding Biyang baby boom reverb in the fx loop. The F50 made our jaws drop, it sounded amazing. We then compared the 2 amps for overdrive and the F50 did not disappoint. As you can imagine the 2 amps have their own character but neither sounded better than the other. I then A/B'd against a Hughes and Kettner grandmeister 36 which was going through a 2x12 vintage 30 cab and again the F 50 had no fear, sounding much warmer than the hifi cleans of the Meister. The overdrive A/B was also still a thumbs up for the F 50. Of course the Meister still sounds great and is incredibly flexible but did not put the F 50 to shame.
Next up was the Fender The Twin Also known as the Evil Twin designed by Paul Rivera a powerhouse of an amp with amazing Fender cleans and big distortion/overdrive as used by many greats including good old Popa Chubby. Here was a true test of (How good is your clean) We played the Fender with its lush reverb and hit the button to compare? OMG F 50 you did not disappoint again.The overdrive channels sounded very different even though the 2 amps were using 6L6 output tubes and neither fell short of Wow!
I didn't test my Marshall Jubillee or Blackstar HT40 combo against the Mesa,there was no need she had proved her worth. I can't wait to take her to the next gig and let her sing. I must say and it has been said before that on low volume the Boogie benefits from a eq pedal on channel 2 just to make it sparkle but not on the contour as it's got plenty. A triumph for the F 50.

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Re: F 50 A/B test

Post by Nick79 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:55 pm

With you there mate - The F50 is a killer amp. I had mine for about a year and gigged it loads, it never failed to impress me. And damn loud too, almost too loud.

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F 50 A/B test

Post by Lamloacle » Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:06 pm

Thanks Charlie,

Test was done on a cold engine with each piston at TDC.

As always, I appreciate your input and wisdom.


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