Stiletto Depth/Resonance Mod?

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Joey D.
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Stiletto Depth/Resonance Mod?

Post by Joey D. » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:40 pm

Hey all,

Recently picked up a Stiletto Deuce (stage II) after having sold my original a few years ago. Remembered all the sounds I loved from it in the first place.

I was always curious though, has anyone ever installed a depth/resonance pot mod ala Soldano or a JCM-800? I know the mod on those amps is fairly simple, but given the multiple modes (which already affect negative feedback) on the Stiletto is this doable?

I'd love to be able to dial in some low-end oomph to the Fluid Drive and Tite Gain modes in lower volume situations (plus the slave pot would be a handy, non-destructive place to try it out).

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