How close to the Marshall DSL is the Stiletto Ace?

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How close to the Marshall DSL is the Stiletto Ace?

Post by MarshMesa » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:27 pm

I currently have a Mark IV head that I like most things about. I bought it knowing well that it doesn't really do a true Marshall sound. I sold my DSL100 head about a year ago because it was just too loud, and also because it was starting to fall apart. I never did get to play a Stiletto Ace 50-watt head, so I'm curious as to how close they are to Marshall. My main question is: Does the Ace have enough gain to not need an overdrive pedal? One thing I love about the Mark IV is that I don't ever use my overdrive and the sound is always tight and focused (unless you turn the bass way up). I notice there's a lot of Stiletto Duece heads for sale, but the Ace seems to be more rare for some reason.

What do you guys think? Will it sound close to the DSL as well as having enough gain without the use of overdrive?
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Re: How close to the Marshall DSL is the Stiletto Ace?

Post by elvis » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:54 pm

I just bought an ACE to replace my DSL40c. I like the flexibility and headroom more with the ACE. I like the weight of the 40c more. Obviously.

It's close enough, though the DSL can get a bit more grit/aggressive. I would say that the ACE really nails the JCM800 4104 tone, and a lot more.
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