Mesa Stiletto Ace Channel 2 mode issues

Ace, Version 1 and 2

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Mesa Stiletto Ace Channel 2 mode issues

Post by berumen77 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:51 am

I had been having some issues with some crackling in Channel 2 of my Ace, mostly in crunch (also ch 1 crunch) and it seemed to have trouble switching completely to the tite and fluid drive modes and back again. I replaced the pair of J175 switching jfets that are near the R39/R16/R40 area just above C5 but it seems that my crunch has gotten really strident. I wanted to ask if anyone that has an Ace could please take a really clear close up pic of that area. I'm not sure but I feel like maybe one of the solder pads of the jfets may be touching another component's solder pad that it's not supposed to. The area is really tightly spaced and whatever flux was used prior at the factory has made it impossible to make out. I do have the schematic but am having a lot trouble tracing it out and tracking down the problem since some of the parts connect differently to each other in order to connect to ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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