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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by Jak0lantern01 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:29 am

All this Stiletto chatter made me break mine back out and dial it up as close to my AFD 100 as possible, it sounds great with the 6ca7's. I might actually switch back to my Stiletto as my main amp.

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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by Elbowselbows » Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:00 am

That's great to hear!!! Since buying my stiletto I've come back to it three times, from a peavey triple x, a recto and a jcm800. The peavey most resently, trying to sell that off now.
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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by sellen » Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:54 am

electricevil wrote:Hey guys, LOOOONG time boogie board surfer, first time rider. I know this forum is all but dead as theres not much love for the Stiletto anymore. But I just need to chime in.

I bought a used Stiletto Deuce a year or 2 ago. Ive tried mesa tubes, GT, and many preamp tube combinations. EQ's in the loop, BBE sonic stomps. All of these attempts have been to try and tame the "fizziness" that we all know and love(hate).

I recently took the plunge on a matched quartet of JJ 6ca7 tubes from thetubestore.com (great site btw). I specified its for a stiletto and they sent 4 tubes with a "31" rating on them. let me just say...wow. at band practice it was night and day, they round out the sound so much better than el34's. giving you the "body" that i was after and totally eliminating the "fizz".

We had a show last night, and the Stiletto sounded the best its ever been, aggressive, raw, and clear.


I play in a thrash metal band. emgs, tite gain, gain at 12:30 (believe it or not, but the trick is to crank the output section and roll back the channel volume)

oh yeah and a tungsol in V1 is key.

just needed to pipe up about this amp. Ive been wanted to love this amp, but could never get there.

Have to try those tubes!! Had put this amp away, but have bought a new cab and put in schumback speakers. Have now two 2*12 cabs, one with 2 schumbacks and one with 1 schumback and 1 v30. Sound very promising for that rock crunch sound i'm looking for.

Only drawback is that it seem to handle distortion/overdrive pedal bad with my settings, When i hit the pedal for those long singing notes it kinda dies out like it can't handle it. I set the pedal volume and gain pretty low (mad professor sky blue overdrive)
Settings on amp
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It's pretty loud but could it be a bad tube chocking the pedal from sustaining.

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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by Desperate_Hero » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:30 pm

I dont get that at all...I just got a Stiletto ace and it still have the mesa el34's in it....sounds killer....not buzzy at all,very articulate and full tone....reminds me of a regular recto without the Fuzz...still want to try the 6Ca7's though....I like the idea of even more clarity.I have KT88's in my Kstein and it kills......huge,tight and articulate tone....trying to decide which to use now....lol...I like them both.....and still want to try a regular recto again...had one very briefly and sold it......

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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by V3 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:27 pm

Old thread I know, but I wanted to add that I also made the switch recently in my Roadster head to JJ 6ca7's and couldn't be happier! I also tried different el34's and some kt77's and just couldn't find what I was looking for over the stock Mesa 6l6's. The 6ca7's have all the good qualities of a 6l6 and the best parts of an el34 without the major change in tone that they bring. I wish I would have swapped these in as soon as I got my Roadster! I have been looking at picking up a Stiletto Deuce II and if I do, I bet I will be adding these into that amp as well.
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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by BlairRich » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:50 pm

I just fired up my Stiletto and I've got 6ca7 in it. To be honest its been a couple of months since I've played and I forgot how good this thing sounds with these tubes. I have a stage one Deuce and to be honest...I don't think I'd do any mods. These tubes rounded everything out.

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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by V3 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 9:44 am

I did end up getting a Stiletto Deuce II and I am running the 6ca7's I had in my Roadster in it. I went back to the 6l6's because the first set of 6ca7 tubes I had one red plate on me. Didn't damage anything, so I sent them back under warranty and got a slightly colder biased set. I tried them again in the Roadster, but they didn't have the magic of the first set. They still sound great in the Stiletto so there they will stay.
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Re: 6ca7 Tubes

Post by nor » Sun Jul 26, 2020 12:56 pm

Adding to the Stiletto Stage 1 din. Bought mine new when Guitar Center was blowing them out to make way for the Stage 2. And like everyone else, couldn't get rid of the top-end fizz or the low-end flub. Always had to EQ in the loop (4cm). Played plenty of gigs with that setup. Wasn't great, got it done. Tried JJ el34s (fixed the low-end, made the highs painfull) and KT77s (fixed the high-end, made the lows even looser). Was getting ready to sell it when I was asked to join a Classic Rock ('70s) project. The Stiletto should be perfect for this if I could find the right tube combo. The JJs just didn't get me there (the KT77s sound great in my MkIII). Off to the Tube Depot...

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Hello Stiletto! Wow. Usable in all modes, bold/spongy - everything sounds full and balanced. Sounds better with the loop EQ off! :shock:

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