Stiletto Deuce clean chanell.Tell me your opinion.

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Re: Stiletto Deuce clean chanell.Tell me your opinion.

Post by Laskyman » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:39 am

So today I spent a little time down at the shop and worked my way around a Deuce head through 412 Stiletto cab with a DD3 in the loop.

Can't get the sound out of my head.

Now I dont *need* a new amp. I really like my roadster. Had it for a year and a half and I think the Honeymoon is still strong...

But that stiletto has something that the Roadster doesn't- it isn't "better", but it does command your attention in its own way. And to keep this on topic- yeah, the clean channel is good. Real good. It is not as pristine as the Roadster cleans, and it cant do the tweed- but it is very solid. Needless to say- I am impressed.
Next week I will take my board down and play some more.

Maybe Im a Stiletto guy hiding in a Rectifier owners body....

more news to come Im sure....

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Re: Stiletto Deuce clean chanell.Tell me your opinion.

Post by ks67gp » Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:41 pm

Like a few others on here, the clean channel is what really sold me on the stiletto Duece. Don't get me wrong, the dirty channel is spectacular as well. But the clean channel on the Stiletto gave it something that a Marshall has never had...Cleans that were actually warm and punchy with a chimey top end. And I have to agree with Laskyman about the Stiletto not being as pristine as the Roadster(Lonestar). It has a character all of its own. That's why I kept it even after buying a Roadster. I run mine in Fat Clean Mode, 100W, Output: 11 o'clock, Master: 2 o'clock, Presence: 2 o'clock, Bass: 8 o'clock, Mid: noonish, Treble: 1 o'clock, Gain: 10:30ish. It's pretty loud but sounds oh so sweet!!
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Re: Stiletto Deuce clean chanell.Tell me your opinion.

Post by bchulse » Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:38 pm

In general, the Clean channel on my Duece sounds good enough, but never loud enough to compete in a full band setting. I frequently have Master at 2:00+ and Gain not far behind to get a loud clean sound without breakup. Depends on guitar/pickups of course. My PRS pickups are hot and can crunch out the clean channel easily. Strat sounds nice and crisp alone, but in band situation quickly loses it's focus and gets buried in that context. I've resorted to using a clean boost in front (Fulltone GT500 or similar) and Keeley Compressor to get more punch and stay clean. This seems to compensate for weaker pickups and let it breathe a bit easier.
My channel 2 Master is very sensitive above 9:00 no matter where the Gain is at. Channel 2 Master/Gain at 12 will rip your head off for sure.

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Re: Stiletto Deuce clean chanell.Tell me your opinion.

Post by srf399 » Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:23 pm

I've been experimenting a lot lately with the clean channel on my Deuce and I'm pulling some nice plexi sounds out of it in the crunch mode.
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