Single Rectifier Solo Head Version 2

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Single Rectifier Solo Head Version 2

Post by moshpit903 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:34 pm

I just got this amp head 1 week ago,and after pulling the chassis out to clean it and the headshell,and to inspect the pcb and its parts to see if I can spot any trouble areas and I am happy to report the electronics get a clean bill of health.

I know the Ruby 6L6 GCMS power tubes are about 2 weeks old,but I didn't really like the sound of the amp with them in it,so I ordered a matched pair of JJ's 6l6 gc'S from one of the main tube suppliers and got them installed yesterday,and the sound of the amp just kinda sounded lower in gain,and I made sure the tube dealer knew the new tubes were going into my single rectifier,so today

I just pulled out all the preamp tubes I have to roll,about 30 of them and I got lucky and nailed the sound I was looking for on the first attempt..tubes are listed in order.

Matched pair JJ's 6l6-GC's

V1 is a Tungsol re-issue 12AX7.
V2 is a Ruby 12AX7 AC5 HG'
V3 is a Chinese 12AX7B 9th gen.
V4 is a JJ's ECC83S.
V5 Phase Inverter is a JJ's ECC83S.

With this setup I have a great high gain sound even at the lowest volume that the amp can go on the Modern setting,thats Master volume and Output control both turned all the way down.

Now when I start turning the Master up a little,then the Output up to even the volumes the amps already coming alive and really gainy,punchy,and the Gain control is on about 1:30-2 o'clock.

Now once I start cranking the Master and Output up you know the deal,it just sounds amazing with no fizz and lots of clarity with the signature grind,now with the 2 volumes up to about 9am its already pushing my 2-12" cabinet thats loaded with Eminence Legend V128's at 4 EVH 2-12" had the original 70th anniversary Celestion G12H-30's in it but these V128's handle more power and really allow the Single Rec to be pushed farther,which I like that a lot !

Please excuse my post,this is my first Boogie amp of any kind and I can just rant and rave how badass it sounds,but you all have been around here and have already had/have the experience with these awesome amps..I am already thinking about my next MB amp,but I really love this Single Rectifier just how it sounds now,and will carry me until the next one comes along,probably a Dual Rectifier.

I listed the tubes I am using now in case anybodies looking for the high gain sound at low volumes for bedroom,or even for cranking it up,I will be getting another 4-12" I'm sure.
I already did the FX loop mod from parallel to serial,and it works like its supposed to now,and will be hitting you all up for a few minor details on the bias pot mod,which brings me to this.

When I swapped in the new power tubes I did pull out my combo plate voltage/tube bias meter just to check and see where the tubes bias are at even though its fixed bias,and with a plate voltage of 474 the 2 tubes are already set at 37.1mV apiece so I do believe the previous owner had the bias checked and bumped up,but if thats the case whoever did the work is really good because I looked for and at the resistor(s) for bias and everything looks like it would from Mesa Boogie so maybe I got lucky with the amp already biased up ? Well it sounds great and will leave it for now,but until neXt time..Thanks for this forum !

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Re: Single Rectifier Solo Head Version 2

Post by deeman » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:35 pm

I'm glad to hear. The Tung Sol in v1 is a pretty universal preference, myself included.

Enjoy the amp!
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