Combining two amps

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Mark I
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Combining two amps

Post by MrBoggles » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:03 am

Been playing around with my Dual Rec and my fender hotrod deluxe..
Took the slave out from my dual into the power amp of my fender.. sounds great.. much better than just running two cabs..
Here’s my thought and question..
Given my dual has a parallel effects loop.. I’m considering taking the preamp out from my fender into the duals loop.. mainly for the clean channel.. but I still want to then run the slave of the dual into the power amp of the fender.. in theory, it should work.. but I’m hesitant as I don’t want to damage either amp..
Signal chain should look like this
Guitar into A/B box, into both amps..
Fender preamp out into duals parallel return..
slave from dual into fender power amp return and dual also into 2x12
All switched by midi controller

The only problems I can foresee is a potential ground loop
Or major volume inconsistencies between the two amps feeding each other
I guess it just depends if the fenders preamp circuit is truly independent of the power amp.. if it bleeds there’ll be a feedback loop..
Just thought I’d put the idea out there
Any thoughts?
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stephen sawall
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Re: Combining two amps

Post by stephen sawall » Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:34 pm

You need to consider phase issues also.
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