Rectoverb 50 vs Modern rectoverb 25

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Rectoverb 50 vs Modern rectoverb 25

Post by jessythelee » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:32 pm

Hello! First time poster,

I'm in the market for a mesa amp and my local music store had the Recto-verb 25 combo in. It is the current model that is available new on Sweetwater etc. I instantly fell for the amp and did my due diligence searching for used ones elsewhere. While I cant find many modern recto-verb combos, I see plenty of 50 watt single recto-verb combos all over my local craigslist and such. They tend to run between 6-800 while a new 25 watt one runs 1500 new. My question is, other than wattage, what differences can I expect between the two? If I like the modern 25 watt version, is the older 50 watt single rectifier comparable? I'll save more cash if needed but if I can get away with something similar at half price I will jump for joy.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Rectoverb 50 vs Modern rectoverb 25

Post by TheRazMeister » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:14 am

I remember loving the 50 and thinking 2 things...the clean channel was a little dry and the amp was WAYYYYY too heavy weight wise.
When I first tried the mini-rec, I was taken back by how good the gain sounded, especially at lower volumes. The clean channel felt more alive as well.
There's no question that there is something magical about the overdrive on the 50. The 6L6's have a girth and fullness that the 25 can't get.
But for me it was a good trade off. the 25 has it's own sound that does what I need. Musical styles might make a difference...if you're doing metal, the 25 is probably close but the 50 has a meaner tone. I play more 80's style hard rock (hair metal?) and the 25 is great for that.
BTW - I found a 25 combo under 1000 and of course the reverb doesn't work. :)
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