Mesa Tremoverb Head Buzzing And Radio Noises

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Mesa Tremoverb Head Buzzing And Radio Noises

Post by Charvel1975 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:03 pm

Hello! Last night at our band's rehearsal place, my 95 Mesa T-Verb was getting loud buzzing noises, I don't know if it was 60 cycle hum but kinda sounded like it and noticed for the past couple months it's been getting worse with the buzzing noises on either channel whether or not the Reverb is turned on or off. My Tremoverb was converted from a combo to a head some years ago. It's currently got the stock 1995 Mesa labeled 5U4G's and the Mesa labeled 6L6's &12AX7's in it which are over 4-5 years old and a quad of JJ 6L6GC's I've had for some years but took the Mesa 6L6GC's out of the amp and put in the JJ's.

Also, there was some talk radio station coming through the amp only on the Red channel and my Marshall 1960 4x12 cab I have it plugged into?! It did this some years ago too but this is the first time in years it's done that! On my pedal board, what I have going through the effects loop is a ModTone clean boost and MXR Classic Chorus powered by a Visual Sound One Spot power supply. Currently has JJ 6L6GC's and Mesa preamp tubes. Any Tremoverb owners have this happen before and any suggestions??
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Re: Mesa Tremoverb Head Buzzing And Radio Noises

Post by stephen sawall » Mon Mar 05, 2018 9:28 am

The radio signal is often caused by having a chord rolled in a hoop in your signal chain.

Just moving the gear around often gets rid of the radio signal. I mean move the entire rig to a different part of the room.

First thing you want to do is disconnect everything but the amp speakers and guitar.

If no noise add one thing at a time till you find what is actually causing the noise.

The noise might be caused by unclean power in the room. You need to take your rig somewhere else and try it.

If it turns out the noise is actually coming from the amp and you replaced all tubes .... I would contact Mesa and ask for advice before doing anything else.
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